How Draft Biden Wants to Pave the Way for the VP to Run in 2016

The super PAC is ramping up efforts as Biden mulls a 2016 run

The group is now focusing on three areas -– reminding voters of Biden’s record and resume, building a grassroots organization and raising the money needed to execute those plans.

Here’s a look at what Draft Biden is doing in the weeks leading up to a potential Biden presidential bid.


Draft Biden is building up its grassroots network and plans on implementing an aggressive operation in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

James Rigdon, the group’s outreach director, is lining up activists and elected officials in each of the early states, many of whom supported Biden in his previous presidential bids, to help with the organization’s efforts on the ground.

The super PAC is also focusing on a cultivating a grassroots e-mail list, which could be tapped for fundraising. More than 200,000 people have signed their petition to “draft” Biden, up from 150,000 earlier this month.


To execute this campaign, they will need a lot of cash. Draft Biden has set a fundraising goal of $2.5-3 million in the next four to six weeks -– a big jump from the less than $79,000 the group raised in the third fundraising quarter.

Draft Biden doesn’t plan on stockpiling that money. It will be poured directly into executing the program they have developed to build an infrastructure to remind people of Biden’s record, create a grassroots network, and establish a presence in early caucus and primary states.