Dress Deja Vu: Joyce Beatty's DNC Dress Looks Awfully Similar to Melania Trump's RNC Dress

The judgmental Twittersphere lit up when Beatty took to the stage.

ByABC News
July 28, 2016, 10:26 PM

— -- Did Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty make a fashion faux-pas at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night?

According to the unforgiving Twittersphere, she did: Beatty wore a dress that seems strikingly similar to the $2,190 dress style-savvy Trump, 46, wore last week to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

As ABC News reported, Slovenian-born Trump, a former model, wore a cotton silk off-white dress from Serbian-born, London-based designer Roksanda Ilinic's Roksanda label, from online retailer Net-a-porter.

Within hours, Net-a-porter said the dress sold out.

It remains unclear if Beatty, 65, wore the same dress. She reportedly said her husband bought it for her.

The piece's distinct poufs raised eyebrows. But Melania customized the dress, which the designer calls the "Margot," choosing to add chiffon poufs.

So it was even more curious to fashion observers if Beatty had actually customized the dress herself, as well.

The fashion mystery continues...

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