Fellow Senator Welcomes Joni Ernst to Congress With Castration-Themed Gift

A gift -- and a gaffe -- for Iowa's new senator.

— -- Nothing says congratulations like the gift of castration, right?

Fellow Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina reminded her of her roots with a gift on her first official day as a senator. Appropriately, it was a castration device mounted on a wooden frame. Engraved on the plaque accompanying the device was Ernst's campaign pledge: "Make 'em squeal."

"That commercial was probably the most effective commercial in the last 20 years and this phrase I think is what that election is all about," Graham told ABC News' Jeff Zeleny. Asked to describe the device, Graham said, "This is what makes you squeal if you're a pig."

"Apparently in the old days this is how you did castration of farm animals, and I can't even talk about this without getting nervous," Graham added. "All I can say is that when I saw that commercial, it stuck with me."

"Mr. Vice President, Joni," Ernst corrected him politely. "My husband's Gail."

"It's getting late, man," the VP apologized.