New Hampshire Polls Show Marco Rubio Climbing After Iowa Caucuses

The Florida Senator is getting a boost, but Trump still leads.

February 04, 2016, 6:20 PM

— -- After a strong third place showing in the Iowa caucuses, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is getting a post-Iowa boost in New Hampshire polling.

Rubio is now in second place in the Granite State, according to two recent polls from CNN/WMUR/UNH and University of Massachusetts Lowell, conducted after Monday's Iowa caucuses.

In a University of Massachusetts-Lowell tracking poll released this morning, Trump sat on top of the pack with 36 percent support, but Rubio had 15 percent support -- up from 8 percent in the same poll released on Monday.

Trump garners 29 percent support in a CNN/WMUR/UNH poll also released with Rubio gaining 7 percentage points since the caucuses to hit 18 percent. Cruz, in third place with 13 percent, didn't get any kind of a bump despite his Iowa win. The margin of error for the poll was 6.8 percent.

Recent polling had shown Donald Trump leading in Iowa, but Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulled off a surprise win in the state. Trump has led New Hampshire polling by double digits since late October.

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