'Something will happen' if Iran doesn't negotiate on new nuclear deal: Trump

President Trump warned Iran against restarting its nuclear program.

"So we're going to make either a really good deal for the world, or we're not going to make a deal at all," Trump said. "But they'll negotiate, or something will happen. And hopefully, that won't be the case."

Asked by ABC News what he would do if Iran moves forward in restarting the program, Trump wasn't specific but again warned Iran of "severe consequence."

"Iran will find out," Trump said. "They're going to find out. I don't think they should do that. I would advise Iran not to start their nuclear program. I would advise them very strongly. If they do, there will be very severe consequence."

"I think based on each of those individuals lack of success in this entire process on foreign affairs, they would probably be the last three people that we would look to for advice and counsel and whether or not we made the right decision," Sanders said.