Hillary Clinton Announces New Details to Health Care Plan, Bernie Sanders Applauds

Hillary Clinton Announces Changes to Health Care Plan, Bernie Sanders Applauds

Sanders applauded Clinton's new health care plan in a call with reporters Saturday, calling it "significant."

"The Clinton campaign and I are -- and our campaigns are coming closer and closer together, in trying to address the major issues facing this country, which is what my campaign was all about," Sanders said. "And we look forward to continue working with the Clinton campaign and will have more to say I think in the very near future."

The two campaigns have been in talks about a possible event in New Hampshire next week at which Sanders would endorse Clinton, ABC News has confirmed, according to sources close to his campaign.

An event next week would directly follow the Democratic Party’s Platform Drafting Committee’s final votes over the weekend on its version of the policy document to be presented at the national convention.

Last week, Clinton released an updated version of her plan addressing college affordability, which her staff said was the result of meeting and discussing the issue with Sanders last month.

He added during a morning press conference in Washington, D.C., that he hoped the two campaigns would reach agreement on other issues "sooner rather than later."