Hillary Clinton Answers Questions Live on 'Good Morning America'

The Democratic presidential hopeful is in New York this morning.

"I am not going to be responding to all the crazy stuff he says," she said.

She noted that while Republicans may be criticizing her now, their tune often changes when she is working on their behalf, like when she was in the Senate representing New York or serving as secretary of state under President Obama.

"When I have a job, the Republicans say nice things about me,” she said, “and what a good job I do.”

The prospect of her next job also came up when she was talking about pay equity for women.

"I was at a town hall and I called on a young girl and she stood up and she said, 'If you're the girl president, will you get paid the same as the boy president?'" Clinton recalled. "And you know I literally had to stop for a minute and I think that's one job where you know what the pay is. I think so!"

Clinton went on to reveal some less serious secrets, including her husband's most annoying habit (falling asleep with the light on) and her secret to staying healthy (keeping hot sauce in her purse).