Hillary Clinton Says She Would Beat Bill Clinton in Presidential Race on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was back on late night.

— -- She's king of the Hill.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is taking on the Republicans -- and now her husband -- boasting on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she would beat the two-term commander in chief if she went head-to-head with him in a presidential race.

“He would run again,” Hillary Clinton said. “I don’t want you to tell anybody that, but if he could he would.”

“So if I were going to run against him, would I win?” asked Clinton. “Yeah!”

So if she wins the presidency, what would her husband be called?

“First dude. First mate. First gentleman.” Secretary Clinton joked. “It’s a little more complicated with him because people still call former presidents ‘Mr. President’ so I have to really work on this.”

Kimmel and Clinton joked about who would sit at the head of the dinner table, who would pick out the notoriously decadent White House China and even the remote.

“There are some things that are unchangeable like moving the remote. That to me isn’t a big issue,” said Clinton. “I got to do world peace, get the economy going and take care of people.”

Kimmel turned the conversation to some of Hillary Clinton’s GOP opponents. Jeb Bush was first on the agenda. After a recent slip in the polls following poor debate performances, the Bush campaign started their “Jeb Can Fix It” tour.

Kimmel laughed, “It sounds like he’s running a handyman business.” Clinton responded: “If I were to advise him, there’s a lot you can do to fix things. Put a number on the side of the bus for people!”

Next up on the agenda was Dr. Ben Carson, who is currently polling neck and neck with Donald Trump. Hillary brushed off some of Dr. Carson’s more headline grabbing comments but cautioned, “People all over the world, they pay attention to what presidents say.”

Kimmel ended the interview with a soft jab at Secretary Clinton. “I know you’ve done all the late night shows. I just want to thank you for doing us last,” Kimmel joked.

Clinton quipped, “Well you know you’re all the way in California. The wagon trains are pretty slow!”