Hillary Clinton Calls for Additional $275 Billion to Modernize Infrastructure Nationwide

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh stood with Clinton, endorsing her today.

"To build a strong economy for our future we must start by building strong infrastructure today, and putting you and your members to work," Clinton said. "I have a five-year, $275 billion plan to invest on our infrastructure, create good paying jobs and build the future America deserves. This would be on top of what the Congress should finally get around to authorizing. This is a down payment on our future."

Clinton's plan, which she unveiled at the launch of "Hard Hats for Hillary" at Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston, would include the creation of an infrastructure bank and would be paid for by a "business tax reform," according to her campaign. The release of her plan marks the beginning of her campaign's month-long focus on jobs.

As part of her infrastructure plan, Clinton also called for Congress to pass the long-time highway bill by the end of the year, and said that she wants Internet in 100 percent of households by 2020.

"I am the only Democratic candidate in this race who will pledge to raise your incomes, not your taxes," she said.

And she seemed to embrace her experience, as she talked about the challenges the next president will face.

"I know this isn't going to be easy," she said. "This is not my first rodeo."

Clinton made these remarks with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh standing by her side. Walsh endorsed Clinton today.

"Get your sledgehammers ready," Walsh told the group of cheering union workers as he introduced Clinton. "Because we have a glass ceiling to demolish."