Here’s How Crazy It Gets When Hillary Clinton Avoids the Media for a Month

One of her campaign events overshadowed by a media spectacle.

May 20, 2015, 11:31 AM

— -- After 28 days of not taking questions from the press, Hillary Clinton finally did on Tuesday -- even answering a question about not answering questions! -- and the spectacle that ensued overshadowed any answer she actually gave.

This is what it looked like inside the bike shop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, when Clinton walked over to her (pent up) press corps for the first time in four weeks.

Two weeks ago, after Clinton ignored the media at a campaign event on immigration, The New York Times launched a feature titled "Questions for Hillary" - which posed hypothetical questions they would have asked Clinton if they had the chance. Other media outlets, including ABC News, also began to point out Clinton's limited engagement with the press, and soon the Washington Post was featuring a countdown clock on its website to show the exact number of minutes since she had answered a reporter's question.

Not surprisingly, Clinton's potential opponents quickly took notice too – and railed against her for, what Jeb Bush described as, staying in a "protective bubble."

By Day 28—during Clinton’s second-swing through the Iowa as a presidential candidate -- things really escalated. Yesterday morning, a Fox News reporter tweeted out a photo of himself sitting outside Clinton’s hotel room, and later he interrupted her event to ask if she would talk to the press.

Later that morning, Clinton did indeed address the media, putting an abrupt stop to the countdown clocks and the aforementioned frenzy. At least for now.

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