Hillary Clinton Says She ‘Will Not Hesitate to Take Military Action’ If Iran Attempts to Get Nuclear Weapon

Clinton addressed Iran's leaders directly during remarks in Washington, D.C.

“Because we’ve shown our commitment to diplomacy first, the world will likely join us,” she predicted.

While Clinton did not call out Trump or Cruz by name in her speech, she did go after republican candidates generally who oppose the plan.

“I have a hard time respecting those who approach issues as serious as this with unserious tall, especially anyone running to be president of the United States,” Clinton said. "Several Republican candidates boast they’ll tear up the agreement in 2017. That’s not leadership, it’s recklessness.”

Even so, Clinton, the former Secretary of State, acknowledged that there are some “skeptics” who make legitimate points.

"Is it perfect? Of course not. No agreement like this ever is. But is it a strong agreement? Yes, it is,” she said.

Clinton also sympathized with Israelis who she said have “every reason to be alarmed by a country that both denies its existence and seeks its destruction.”

In addition, Clinton pledged to sell Israel sophisticated F-35 pilot aircrafts and to invite the Israeli Prime Minister to the White House during her first month as president.

Following her remarks, Clinton participated in a Q&A with attendees where she called for a “global effort” to help with the Syrian migrant crisis, lamented that the United States does not have a “consistent foreign policy that is bipartisan, let alone nonpartisan,” and took a jab at one of her favorite foes, Russian President Vladmir Putin.

“Now, I don't admire very much about Mr. Putin but the idea that you could stand up and say 'I will be your next President,' that does have a certain attraction to it,” she quipped.

Overall, Clinton appeared in humorous spirits despite the serious nature of her remarks and her ongoing cough and hoarse throat.

“Republican histamines are everywhere,” she joked.