Jeb Bush 'Will Not Sign Any Pledges' in 2016

The former Florida governor draw a line in the sand.

ByABC News
February 28, 2015, 3:27 PM

— -- Anti-taxman Grover Norquist recently told ABC News he believes Jeb Bush will likely sign his no-new-taxes pledge if and when he officially becomes a candidate for president.

But, as Dana Carvey might say, "Not gonna happen."

Norquist may have had good reason to believe Bush would sign the Taxpayers Protection Pledge, where candidates vow to oppose "any and all efforts to increase taxes." After all, the vast majority of Republican candidates for national office and many for local and statewide office have been signing it ever since Norquist started Americans for Tax Reform in 1985.

But Jeb Bush didn't sign Norquist's pledge (or any other pledge) in any of his three campaigns for governor of Florida and Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell says he is not going to start now.

"If Governor Bush decides to move forward, he will not sign any pledges circulated by lobbying groups," Campbell told ABC News.

Norquist was quick to reply to that via Twitter.

Campbell says what is more important than a pledge is Bush's record on taxes.

"He didn't raise taxes," Campbell said. "He cut them every year as governor for a total of more than $19 billion in tax relief. He does not support raising taxes and believes cutting taxes and reforming the tax code will lead to greater economic growth and more prosperity for Americans."

Norquist isn't buying it.

"Most pledge takers keep the pledge," Norquist said via Twitter. "Those who refuse to sign all raise taxes when pushed hard enough by spenders."

While Bush didn't sign the pledge as governor of Florida, he still earned high marks from Norquist for his record on taxes.

"I use him as the model when I talk to the other governors, to shame them," Norquist was quoted as saying in the St. Petersburg Times in 2003.

Watch ABC's full interview with Norquist: