Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream 'Like a Boss'

"Ice cream guy" Biden chows down on a double cone.

— -- Amid all the crises and blunders, there are moments when Joe Biden makes being vice president look like it’s downright fun, and that’s exactly what happened when the VP popped into a hipster ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon.

Donning his signature Rayban aviators, Biden, who was campaigning for Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, on Wednesday, walked into the Salt and Straw to enjoy a frozen treat.

“Jeff has been bragging about this place for the last 20 minutes,” Biden said.

The vice president went big and ordered up two scoops -- Chocolate Woodblock and Double-Fold Vanilla. Merkley asked for the Marionberry ice cream, but they were out. Instead, he chose the same chocolate flavor as Biden and another scoop of Stumptown Coffee and Bourbon.

Biden picked up the tab for both, handing over two $10 bills for an $8 tab and calling himself “the last of the big time spenders.”