7 Things We Learned From Donald Trump’s Personal Financial Disclosure Form

Donald Trump filed a 104-page personal finance disclosure report today.

May 18, 2016, 6:21 PM

— -- Donald Trump has filed a new personal financial disclosure form with the Federal Election Commission, a federally mandated document that shows a candidate’s personal assets, business positions and annual income.

The 104-page document lists a whopping 527 current job titles for the real estate mogul -- mostly leadership roles in his spread of companies -- as well as millions of dollars in investments and assets.

This annual report is required of all candidates running for president. Trump has declined to release his tax returns despite pressure from both sides of the aisle to do so, citing an ongoing audit. Trump has said he will release his returns once the audit is complete.

Here’s what we learned from Trump's personal financial disclosure form:

1. Donald Trump Has at Least $1.47 Billion in Assets: The records show that Trump has at least $1.47 billion in assets and at least $315 million in liabilities. Trump claims he is worth more than $10 billion -- these records neither confirm or deny that claim, because asset values are reported in large ranges.

2. Trump Still Says His Golf Course Is Worth More Than $50 Million: The document released today repeats Trump’s claim that a golf course he owns in a small town in New York is worth more than $50 million, even as his attorneys argue the property is worth just $9 million -- an evaluation that local officials claim is meant to allow the presidential candidate to unfairly skimp on taxes. As shown in an ABC News investigation earlier this week, Trump’s attorneys originally claimed that the sprawling 18-hole, carefully manicured Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County was worth $1.35 million. Dana Levenberg, the supervisor for Ossining, New York, which has jurisdiction over the property, called the figure “ridiculous.”

3. Trump Took In More Than $600 Million Last Year: An ABC News analysis of the new public document shows that Trump took in at least $619 million last year. The real estate mogul said his income was at least $557 million earlier this week in a count that excluded dividends, interest, capital gains, rent and royalties.

4. Trump Has Invested in Several Companies He Says He Doesn’t Like: The report also shows investments by Trump in companies like Apple and Amazon, as well as the parent company of Oreo -- all of which he has attacked on the campaign trail.

Like any wealthy investor, Trump holds large stakes in sectors that are often the topic of big political disputes, like energy and health care. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in energy companies like Exxon, Phillips 66 and NextEra Energy. He’s also invested in biopharmaceutical companies like Celgene and technology companies like Gilead Sciences, Microsoft and Google.

None of these investments are uncommon, but they highlight why some candidates turn their financial interests over to blind trusts once in office. Energy and healthcare are two industries particularly dependent on government contracts and grants, and they’re perennial campaign issues. Trump also reported at least $15,000 of income off an asset with the province of Quebec. He also reports having more than $100,000 invested in gold.

5. Trump Made More Than $1 Million off His Latest Book: The report shows that Trump raked in between $1 million and $5 million last year off his latest book, “Crippled America.” He also made more than $100,000 off “Time to Get Tough” and more than $50,000 from “The Art of the Deal.” Still, nine other books penned by the mogul brought in less than $200 apiece in royalties.

6. The Mar-a-Lago Club and Other Business Ventures: Trump also saw his income climb from some of his more well-known business ventures. He made almost twice as much from Mar-a-Lago last year compared to the year before: up to $30 million in 2015 vs. $16 million in 2014. He brought in $700,000 from Trump’s carousel in Central Park, $13 million from his ice rink there and another $400,000 from Trump Ice -- his bottled water company. He also brought in $50 million from selling the Miss Universe franchise late last year and $132 million from his Miami golf club.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump saw a sharp decline in income from her company, Melania Marks Skincare LLC, over the last year, from more than $100,000 in royalties to none.

7. Hillary Clinton Isn’t the Only One Giving Paid Speeches: The document shows Trump raking in as much as $450,000 for a speech last February to ACN, a marketing company. He also gave speeches valued at more than $100,000 to three other companies before launching his presidential bid.

ABC News’ Lee Ferran and Christopher Donato contributed to this report.