Los Angeles Prepares for Obama Visit and Presidential Traffic

What happens when you put a presidential motorcade in the most congested city in America?

"Obamajam," as it's dubbed by local media, the semi-annual traffic phenomenon that ensnares traffic-heavy Los Angeles when President Obama and his motorcade comes to town.

President Obama will arrive in the Los Angeles area Thursday evening for a taping of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- which will air Friday -- and a slew of Democratic Party fundraisers.

In preparation, the Los Angeles Police Department sent out an advisory on road closings around town.

Los Angeles is the most congested city in America, and the tenth most congested in the world, according to a 2015 index from TomTom, a company that produces navigation and mapping devices.

After he makes his way through Los Angeles, President Obama will then head to Rancho Mirage and the Sunnylands estate for a summit of Asian leaders.