Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Tweets up a Storm After Democratic Candidates Call for His Resignation

Gov. Rick Snyder took to Twitter after Clinton, Sanders slammed him over Flint.

ByABC News
March 7, 2016, 2:03 PM

— -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder took to Twitter today to defend himself against accusations that he mishandled the Flint water crisis, after both Democratic presidential candidates called for his resignation in Sunday night’s debate.

It was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first call for Snyder’s resignation, joining Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had already done so.

"I agree the governor should resign or be recalled, and we should support the efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that," Clinton said at the candidates’ debate in the city of Flint.

Sanders reiterated his call for the same, calling the Republican governor’s response to the crisis a “dereliction of duty.”

Snyder has said he has no plans to step down.

Clinton also said she supports efforts by Michigan’s members of Congress to allocate federal money to the Flint response.

A Senate amendment, included in a larger energy bill, would grant $250 million to the crisis but has been held up by at least one senator -- Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah -- who said in a statement Friday that “federal aid is not needed at this time” for Flint and that politicians are using the crisis to “funnel taxpayer money to their own home states.”