Mini Super Tuesday: What's at Stake

Voters in five states and 1 territory head to the polls today.

Here's what's at stake today. STATES VOTING: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio

Democrats: DELEGATES AT STAKE: 793 (Pledged total: 691)

On the flip side, Sanders needs to prove his Michigan win is not a fluke, and that he can prevail in other Midwestern states like Illinois, Ohio and Missouri. Mathematically, he needs to rack up major wins over Clinton in these states to prove that he can still be a viable contender for the nomination. Otherwise, he could possibly face pressure from party officials to bow out, arguing that his attacks on Clinton could hurt her in the general election.


Cruz, who currently trails Trump by 90 delegates, has not strongly contended for Florida and Ohio. His chances to rein in Trump will come in Illinois and Missouri, where a combined 121 delegates are at stake, and both states have a possibility to become winner take all. If Rubio and Kasich each carry their home states, and Cruz cuts into Trump’s lead or overtakes him in Illinois and Missouri, he can maintain or close the gap between him and the frontrunner.

Meanwhile, Trump, like Clinton, has the chance to nail down his nomination. Although he won’t be able to get to the magic number tonight, if he wins Florida or Ohio, the winner take all outcomes give him an advantageous position. In a best case scenario for Trump, he sweeps Ohio, Florida, Missouri and Illinois, making it nearly impossible for his fellow candidates to catch up to him mathematically.

And of course, there is always the possibility that all four candidates effectively split the delegates tonight, producing no decisive outcome, and the race slogs on until June -- or even the convention.