Mr. Trump Goes to Washington: What The Donald Is Saying About 2016

The real estate mogul on his new D.C. hotel and whether he’ll run in 2016.

ByABC News
May 21, 2015, 12:37 PM

— -- It’s official: Donald Trump is moving to Pennsylvania Avenue.

No, not to the most famous address in America, but just down the street, where the real estate mogul turned reality TV star is set to open a luxury hotel in the Old Post Office space.

But the sign that reads “Coming 2016” and below in big letters “Trump” over the construction site may turn out to be a double entendre, according to The Donald.

We asked Trump what the chances are that he'll make a bid for the White House in 2016 (he decided against one in 2012).

"Very good -- very strong,” he told “Power Players” during a recent interview. “I'm looking at it very, very seriously.”

What's more, Trump suggested he may have a fair shot.

“We're getting great poll numbers. New Hampshire just came out with a very strong poll,” he said. “And nobody thinks that I'm running…when you get really good, you beat almost everybody in the poll numbers.”

He explained, “Politicians are all talk, no action. They do a terrible job; a tremendous disservice to the country. And I know them better than anybody, and I love them - I think they're great. It's easy to make money with politicians. But, the fact is that it's all talk and no action…and the country's going to hell.

“So the chances are very, very good and I'll be announcing something in June and you will be surprised,” he added.

Trump was not only in town to check in on the transformation of the Old Post Office Building into a Trump International Hotel, but to participate in an event benefiting the caregivers of veterans through an organization founded by Elizabeth Dole.

For more of the interview with Trump, including whether he would have invaded Iraq if he had been president, and what he thinks of his likely opponents’ answers to the question, watch this episode of “Power Players.”

ABC News’ Tom Thornton and Ben Siegel contributed to this episode.