Obama Takes Over Social Media During Trip to Alaskan Arctic

President Obama takes over social media during trip to the Alaskan Arctic.

Obama then followed up with an Instagram picture taken out the window of Air Force One over picturesque Alaskan wilderness on his approach to Anchorage. The president has taken over the White House's Instagram account and is expected to regularly post there during his three-day trip to the Arctic.

The president also posted a video clip on Facebook overnight that starts with him boarding Air Force One and excitedly proclaiming: "All right, let's go to Alaska."

Obama then talks directly into the camera about his plans while visiting the 49th state. The footage also shows the president looking out the window and snapping the Instagram photo of Alaskan wilderness that he ended up posting.

“This is one of those rare opportunities where I’m not going to be just stuck in some conference room the entire time,” Obama said. “We’ll actually have the chance to go out on a Coast Guard cutter and hike into some of the beautiful wilderness areas here.”