Oprah's not alone: 16 potential Democratic 2020 candidates ask for advice

Former Obama Campaign Manager thinks it’s all about the economy.

“The good news for Democrats is there are 24 people thinking they could run for president. That’s a historic bench.”

“There’s a whole bunch of people trying to encourage her to run.”

“I ask them two questions. Number one, do you want to put your family through hell? And number two, what is your vision for the future?”

Messina runs a strategic consulting group that advises political candidates and businesses here in the U.S. and all over the world.

“The economy is the driver of almost every one of those votes. They [Obama and Trump voters] care about that more than anything else. And their biggest worry is the president’s tweets. And his ongoing back and forth. They think it distracts him from the kind of economic focus they want. Voters want an economic focus.”

And Messina would get some late-night phone calls when he was running Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

“I got a call every 2-3 weeks in the middle of the night from this incredibly brilliant political operative named, Bill Clinton. And President Clinton would say to me in his creative voice, ‘Jim, the only thing that matters is winning the economic argument about the future.’ And that is really true with these voters.”

“I think Trump is a different case because he’s so divisive. Because he’s shown the inability to stick to his own message and talk about what he’s doing.”

And Democrats need to win over independent voters. Despite a favorable map for Republicans, Messina thinks the large number of over 30 House Republicans not running for re-election means a chance for Democrats when there’s no incumbent.

“These retirements really, really matter.”

But he does give Trump credit for his latest move of cancelling his trip to the United Kingdom, where he would have met with historic protests, according to Messina who is consulting Britain’s Conservative Party.

“President Trump has become the most divisive figure in the world.”

“His domination in the media coverage here is true around the world as well. The week before the general election in the U.K. last year, President Trump was discussed on social media more than the two major candidates the week before their national election.”

And Messina says there’s only one other place where Trump is more unpopular than London.

“President Trump is about as popular in Mexico as charging more for beer," he said.