President Obama Signs Legislation to Remove 'Oriental' and 'Negro' From Federal Code

The law is an effort to "modernize terms relating to minorities."

ByABC News
May 20, 2016, 7:07 PM

— -- President Obama signed into law today a measure to replace references to minorities considered offensive -- such as "oriental" and "negro" from federal law.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Grace Meng, D-New York, is an effort to "modernize terms relating to minorities," replaces a slew of terms in a public health law written in the late 1970's with terms are considered more politically correct today.

“The term ‘Oriental’ has no place in federal law and at long last this insulting and outdated term will be gone for good,” Meng said in a statement. “No longer will any law of the United States refer to Asian Americans in such an offensive way, and I applaud and thank President Obama for signing my bill to get rid of this antiquated term."

The measure was one of seven that Obama signed into law today.