President Trump's first 100 days 'by the numbers'

The president has signed more legislation but has yet to take a foreign trip.

— -- While President Trump's first 100 days in office have produced few major legislative breakthroughs, there are still plenty of statistics to analyze.

Here are a few interesting facts and figures, and how some of them compare to those of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

1. Trump has signed more legislation than Obama

At this point in 2009, President Obama had signed 15 bills into law. Despite his administration’s lack of big-ticket legislative successes that the president himself spearheaded, Trump has signed 29 bills so far.

2. 45 close to surpassing 44’s first-year golf total

3. Trump way behind on foreign travel

4. Trump has exercised his executive authority more than Obama

5. Three trips to Trump’s other Pennsylvania Avenue address

Obviously, Trump has made history by becoming the first president to also develop a hotel in the nation's capital. But while the hotel there has become the place for Republicans to see and be seen, the president himself has visited three times since his swearing-in.

6. Press briefings, conferences on par with Obama

7. One interview each with ABC News

8. Almost 20 percent of his time has been spent at the ‘Southern White House’

Trump will have spent 18 nights, just under one-fifth of his first 100 days, at his Florida retreat Mar-a-Lago.

9. Daily briefings - not every day

10. Foreign engagement by-the-numbers

He hasn’t traveled abroad yet but Trump has talked to many world leaders. He has had 65 phone calls with them, 13 bilateral meetings in the West Wing, two such meetings at Mar-a-Lago and has written two letters to foreign heads of state.