The Protective Pool of Journalists Who Cover Presidents: What to Know

The pool travels wherever the president goes.

A primer on why this made waves among members of the media and why it could be a concern for the rest of the public.

What Is a Protective Press Pool?

A protective press pool is a group of journalists that travels wherever the president goes, reporting on behalf of a broader group of reporters; it is a press corps that's always meant to be with the president, to protect the media from missing out on an unexpected major story, as its name suggests.

The pool typically includes two print reporters, one TV producer, one radio reporter, three wire service reporters, a video camera person and a few photographers. Journalists on pool duty report on a rotating basis, and they share their notes with other members of the wider pool. For example, a TV producer from ABC News who is in the pool for that day will send reporting and video to all five TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News).

Why It Was Created?

Because of space concerns or security reasons, not all reporters wishing to cover the president may always be able to do so. Also, covering the president at all times would be too costly for some news organizations.

What is the point of the pool?