Rand Paul Ribs GOP Rivals in Annual 'Airing of Grievances' on Twitter

Rand Paul continues his Festivus tradition—this time against his GOP rivals.

— -- GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) continued his annual "airing of grievances" tradition today, in which he tweets lighthearted complaints about everything from wasteful government spending to alternate-side parking to people who mock his turtlenecks.

But this year Paul had a new target: his rivals for the GOP nomination.

This morning Paul began with — who else — Republican front-runner Donald Trump, whose sexually-derogatory reference to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally Monday night even included a dip into Yiddish:

Paul then proceeded to riff on the rest of the sizable Republican field, goofing on Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) Canadian birth, Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-FL) reputation for missing Senate votes, and Dr. Ben Carson's sleepy debate demeanor:

Even Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got the Festivus treatment: