Rand Paul Airs Festivus Grievance Against Dad Ron Paul

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Sen. Rand Paul's Twitter feed is on fire today.

On this day of Festivus, Paul is airing grievances on all things ranging from his colleague Sen. Cory Booker to the Senate cafeteria to his pesky staff who refuse to let him wear his turtleneck sweaters.

What is Festivus, you ask?

Its a holiday made up on the popular TV show "Seinfeld" by George Constanza's father, Frank, who hated the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas so much that he made up his own holiday: Festivus.

It begins with an airing of grievances. It can also include feats of strength, and of course you must also have the Festivus pole. It's a Festivus for the rest of us.

In the words of Frank Costanza (played memorably by Jerry Stiller), "I got a lot of problems with you people. Now you're gonna hear about it!"

Paul even aired a little dirty family laundry with a dig at his dad, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, for auctioning off a vintage 1979 Chevy instead of giving it to him.

Read more of Paul's airing of grievances from earlier today:

Let us begin:

Rand Paul is not a fan of "bipartisanship."

Oh, and by the way, there's isn't enough defense of the Constitution going on in Washington these days.

He's got beef with the Senate, starting with the cafeteria:

Rand Paul's friends don't retweet him enough:

But somewhere out there, Cory Booker is listening:

He's not a fan of the budget deal, or the Federal Reserve.

In case anyone was wondering, no feats of strength today:

But let the man wear his turtlenecks!

And a Festivus miracle may have occurred: Booker and Paul may take on the "war on drugs" in 2014. Bipartisanship!

Stay tuned, more to come

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