Rand Paul on a Stick and 5 Other Things You Can Actually Buy at the Presidential Candidate’s Store

Rand Paul on a stick, anyone?

April 7, 2015, 4:37 PM
PHOTO: 18 x 24 Car Door Magnets
18 x 24 Car Door Magnets

— -- intro: Newly-minted presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul's presidential campaign store is full of items as unconventional as the run he hopes to pull off.

Here are six of the most eye-catching ways the Kentucky Republican is marketing his campaign at his online store.

quicklist:1title: Rand-on-a-Stick

text: Description: While Paul's digital team works to make sure the senator and his message blanket the Internet, his supporters can use their Rand heads to bring the senator everywhere else.

Costs: $35.00 (for 12)

media: 30138424

quicklist:2title: Rand Paul Eye Chart

text: Description: With this take on the campaign sign, Paul is channeling his professional life as an ophthalmologist, according to the campaign’s Web store: "Professionally, he has corrected the vision of thousands and now will do the same thing in the White House ... and we're not talking about a new prescription for President Obama."

Costs: $20.16

media: 30137476

quicklist:3title: Giant Birthday Card

text: Description: This 3-foot-tall birthday card is for the Paul super fan in your life. Includes giant envelope.

Costs: $35.00 (postage not included)

media: 30137715

quicklist:4title: Laptop Camera Blocker

text: Description: With this "NSA Spy Cam Blocker," , Paul is turning his vocal criticism of the NSA's domestic surveillance program into a "safe and practical" way to "stop hackers and the NSA,” according to the store site.

Costs: $15.00

media: 30137788

quicklist:5title: Campaign Flip Flops


Description: Standing with Rand has never been easier, thanks to the campaign's flip flops.

Costs: $20.00

media: 30137526

quicklist:6title: Beanbag Toss

text: Description: Defeat your opponent -- and the Washington machine -- in Rand Paul's sack toss.

Costs: $100.00

media: 30139093