Read the Roger Stone indictment in special counsel Mueller's probe, including a 'Godfather: Part II' reference

Stone was arrested by the FBI Friday in Florida.

One colorful section of the 24-page indictment details Stone’s alleged witness tampering of "Person 2," in which Stone warns that prosecutors will take away the intermediary's beloved dog and tells him, when testifying before the House Intelligence Committee, to pull a “Frank Pentangeli,” a character in "The Godfather: Part II" who pretends he doesn't know critical information that he does, in fact, know. In the movie, Pentageli then lies before Congress because he's intimidated into silence by Vito Corleone, the don of the fictional Mafia empire.

Stone was arrested and was expected in court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, later Friday.

The indictment below was filed on Thursday and released Friday: