Reality Winner, convicted NSA leaker, wants pardon from Trump: Report

Trump tweeted about the prison sentence in the case.

The Justice Department has said that her sentence is the longest-ever for leaking classified information.

"It appropriately satisfies the need for both punishment and deterrence, in light of the nature and seriousness of the offense," the Justice Department statement released after her sentencing reads.

Winner told the Journal-Constitution that her legal team is preparing an application strategy and will likely make the request after the midterms.

“When he said that, it just reminded me of everything I’ve learned, in that, it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with a person or a policy,” she told the AJC. “You can criticize and call someone whatever you want, but if you turn around and you’re not kind, and you don’t drop everything for the person next to you to help them, then your criticism means nothing.

On "CBS This Morning" Wednesday, she said of President Trump's comments, "I can't thank him enough."

After her sentencing, U.S. Attorney Bobby L. Christine, a Trump appointee told reporters that her betrayal was not a victimless crime.

ABC News could not reach Winner's lawyers for comment.

Prior to her sentencing, she said that she didn't mean to harm national security.