Everything You Need to Know About the Republican Convention Committee Meetings

Republicans opposed to Donald Trump will make their final stand this week.

CLEVELAND -- It’s the not so calm before the storm.

Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s convention committee meetings in Cleveland:

Anti-Trump Forces Make Their Final Stand

A long-shot, 11th-hour push to block Donald Trump from the nomination will have its moment of truth this week. The convention’s powerful, 112-member rules panel will huddle Thursday and Friday to consider proposed changes.

The real estate mogul already has hundreds more than the 1,237 delegates required for the nomination, but the effort aims to release delegates to vote for whomever they want, not necessarily the candidate who won their primary or caucus.

But That’s Not All: More Rules That Could Change

The rules panel has sweeping authority, an ability to propose changes to any rule governing the convention or the Republican National Committee.

The anti-Trump delegates are considering pushing changes to make it easier for delegates to block Trump’s vice-presidential choice and pick someone else.

Delegates could debate excluding independents from voting in the primary and caucus process. Much of Donald Trump’s success this year came from independent voters who were not registered Republicans.

Republicans Debate Their Core Beliefs

Republicans will clash this week over their party’s platform. It’s a nonbinding document for members and candidates, but it spells out the party’s official positions on everything from taxes to foreign policy to same-sex marriage.

Delegates to the GOP convention tend to be more conservative than rank-and-file Republicans, thanks to multilevel selection methods that favor grass-roots involvement and organization.

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