Republicans Divided Over Trump Nomination Ahead of Capitol Hill Visit

Trump will meet with top GOP leaders on Thursday.

Asked by ABC News later in the day if he would vote for Trump, Rubio did not directly respond.

“Sorry guys, I’m late for my 2 o’clock,” he said.

Asked about his colleagues who continue to reject Trump, Corker said, “Let’s chill.”

“I haven’t understood people’s rush to get to a certain place,” he said, adding that the campaign is evolving.

Corker said he has “no reason to believe” he’s being considered for vice president by Trump, but did not fully rule himself out.

Trump will return to Washington Thursday for the first time as the GOP’s presumptive nominee, in an effort to patch up strained relations with party elders after a contentious primary.

ABC News’ Ali Dukakis contributed to this report.