Republicans slam 'mob' for aggressive confrontation of Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi was confronted by protesters outside of a Florida event last week.

Drew Hammill, a spokesperson for Pelosi, confirmed the confrontation in a statement to ABC News Saturday and said President Trump and Republicans in Congress were to blame for stoking "the flames of incivility, intolerance and aggression."

"It is stunning that Republicans have the gall to call courageous survivors of sexual assault a ‘mob,’ and at the same time they incite and condone violent actions like this," Hammill said. "Republicans must condemn this vile and dangerous conduct, and stop the reckless and dangerous rhetoric that encourages it.”

Several Republicans including Rep. Steve Scalise and Sen. Marco Rubio took to Twitter late Friday night and Saturday to disavow the group.

"I don't agree with Nancy Pelosi's agenda, but this is absolutely the wrong way to express those disagreements," Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise wrote in a tweet. "If you want to stop her policies, don't threaten her, VOTE! That's how we settle our differences."

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also tweeted about the incident.

"You are not helping the cause of anti-communism if you behave like the repudiation mobs Castro has long used in Cuba," he wrote. "Not sure who was behind this behavior but you should have protested Pelosi campaign stop without borrowing the tactics of left-wing mobs."

They have seized on comments by lawmakers like Rep. Maxine Waters, who in June had urged supporters during a rally to "create a crowd" and "push back" whenever they happened to spot a Trump administration official in public.

President Trump has even sought to make a hashtag out of the attack line, tweeting Wednesday "#JobsNotMobs."