When it comes to Roseanne and Trump, the feelings have been mutual

When it comes to Roseanne and Trump, the feelings have been mutual

"As you know the president has been extremely focused … things going on with the upcoming summit, the president is focused on North Korea, he’s focused on trade deals, he’s focused on rebuilding our military our economy, that’s what he’s focused on, and not other things," Sanders said.

“Roseanne” was canceled after Barr tweeted Tuesday morning that Obama advisor Jarrett, an African-American, was a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of the Apes.”

The tweet that sparked public firestorm has since been deleted and Barr has apologized saying, “I am now leaving Twitter.”

ABC television group and ABC News are both owned by Disney.

Barr has previously voiced her support for President Trump and his policies, including illegal immigration, on her Twitter account.

She played an avid Trump supporter in the rebooted ABC show as well and once told the Hollywood Reporter, “I think we would be so lucky if Trump won.”

Barr recently shared how excited she was to get a phone call from the president congratulating the show’s successful return in March.

The president also publicly made remarks about the show referring to the private call he had with Barr to a group of supporters in Ohio in March.

“Look at Roseanne—I called her yesterday—look at her ratings, look at her ratings!” said the president saying the show, “was about us [the supporters and the president himself].”

The president also previously tweeted his support for the actress twice on his account—both before his presidency.

And the admiration extended to some members of the Trump family.

“Roseanne,” which first aired in 1988, revived after two decades in March this year with 18 million viewers on average.

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps contributed to this report.