Students in rocket design contest visit Oval Office to show president their 'Trump' projectile

The teens said they named rocket after the president because it "conquers all."

Now, a group of North Carolina high school students taking part of in a national rocket design competition, have taken a cue from the president's love of branding, and designed a rocket in honor of him for the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a competition being held in Northern Virginia.

"Guess what the name of the rocket is?" Trump said, addressing the press. "It's called 'Trump.' It better work well! And to qualify [for the national competition] the 'Trump' needed to soar to an altitude of 775 feet with a flight duration of 41 to 43 seconds ... And return without so much as breaking an egg shell ..... I want to congratulate you. That's a fantastic achievement ... It looks like a mean machine."

Trump then asked the students why the rocket was named after him.

"Simply because it conquers all," one student said.

"They're never going to put that on television," Trump said, referring to the press, which he claims does not often report positively about his presidency.

The president told the students to come back to the White House for a celebration if they win.