Tom Brokaw backlash continues despite apology for comments about Hispanic assimilation

Brokaw did apologize in a series of Twitter posts.

NBC veteran anchor Tom Brokaw continues to face backlash for his comments about Hispanics needing to “work harder” to assimilate and Hispanic parents not teaching their children to speak English.

“It was hurtful, and besides being ignorant, it’s just not true,” ABC News chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas said Monday on ABC News' "The Debrief."

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 90 percent of Latinos ages 5-17 said they either speak only English at home or speak English “very well.”

Brokaw went a step further and claimed that some Republicans do not “want brown grandbabies.”

“That needs to be qualified as a racist statement. You can’t just pair it, what people say, without giving it some qualification and putting it into context and proper context. It’s not OK to say those things,” Llamas said.

Brokaw tweeted out a series of apologies Sunday evening.