Trump heads to battleground state amid bad polls, worsening coronavirus pandemic

Trump travels to Wisconsin Thursday.

His visit comes two days after Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the Badger State to appeal to evangelical voters, a key aspect of the Trump-Pence base.

Appearing in front of these voters in key battleground states could be pivotal for Trump reelection campaign as Wednesday’s national New York Times/Siena poll showed the president down 14 points to Joe Biden.

In battleground polls from the New York Times/Siena Biden seems to be building a lead ahead of Trump who is down 6 points in Florida, 7 points in Arizona, 9 points in North Carolina, 10 points in Pennsylvania, and 11 points each in Michigan and Wisconsin.

This will be Trump’s second trip off out of Washington this week as fears even as coronavirus cases increase in states across the country. Following his Tulsa rally, ABC news has learned that Secret Service personnel in the “low-dozens” are now self-quarantining for 14 days.

While the president did not require those who attended the Tulsa rally to wear masks, while in Wisconsin he will be taping a Fox New Town Hall with Sean Hannity where attendees will be required to wear masks. In past travel where masks were required Trump was not seen publicly wearing one.

Earlier in the day, Trump commemorated the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War by laying a wreath at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.