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Virginia inmates 'manipulated locks' to escape jail: US Marshal
By Luke Barr and Elizabeth Thomas
May 3, 2023 Story from Politics Luke Barr, Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
Good Samaritan describes rescuing 5 after Bahamas plane crash
By Peter Charalambous and Elizabeth Thomas
June 2, 2023 Story from International Peter Charalambous, Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
Dozens in Congress still vote remotely as critics slam COVID policy
By Devin Dwyer, Benjamin Siegel, Amanda Maile and Elizabeth Thomas
November 22, 2021 Story from Politics Devin Dwyer, Benjamin Siegel, Amanda Maile, Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
Michigan voters on abortion rights, EVs, economy ahead of election
By Paulina Tam and Elizabeth Thomas
September 17, 2022 Story from Politics Paulina Tam, Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
Cops' role in Jan. 6 attack divides Virginia town with ties to Confederacy
By Devin Dwyer, Elizabeth Thomas and Jacqueline Yoo
January 4, 2022 Story from Politics Devin Dwyer, Elizabeth Thomas, Jacqueline Yoo , ABC News
Trump pays respects to Justice Stevens lying in repose at Supreme Court
By Elizabeth Thomas and Devin Dwyer
July 22, 2019 Story from Politics Elizabeth Thomas, Devin Dwyer , ABC News
Trump's 'Salute to America' July 4th celebration not without controversy
By Meridith McGraw and Elizabeth Thomas
July 4, 2019 Story from Politics Meridith McGraw, Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
'Do not take the bait': Democratic lawmakers respond to Trump's 'go back' remarks
By Elizabeth Thomas, John Parkinson and Mary Bruce
July 16, 2019 Story from Politics Elizabeth Thomas, John Parkinson, Mary Bruce , ABC News
Cyberbullying is on the rise among middle and high school students, report finds
By Elizabeth Thomas
July 16, 2019 Story from Politics Elizabeth Thomas , ABC News
Trump signs 4 executive actions on coronavirus relief
By Elizabeth Thomas and Katherine Faulders
August 9, 2020 Story from Politics Elizabeth Thomas, Katherine Faulders , ABC News
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