Trump to Launch Thank You Tour in Ohio

President-elect and vice president-elect to return to the battleground state.

"He enjoys being out there among the people," a senior Trump transition official told ABC News. "He genuinely likes interacting with the American people and seeing their reaction."

After Florida, Ohio was the state Trump traveled to most during his run for the White House. He spent 17 days in Ohio after clinching the nomination on May 26 and five days there during the final month of the campaign.

He plans to visit a combination of states — several he won and some where he didn't prevail as planned, according to the official.

Before kicking off the tour, Trump and Vice President–elect Mike Pence will head to Indiana on Thursday afternoon to announce that air-conditioning company Carrier has decided to keep jobs in the United States that were previously bound for Mexico. The company's leadership spoke with Trump after his election.

The thank-you tour is still a work in progress, according to the official, and is expected to continue over the next few weeks. Trump will be accompanied by Pence tomorrow evening in Ohio.