Trump takes aim at 'Parasite' and 'little wise guy' Brad Pitt at rally

The president continues his multi-day rally spree.

The president, fueled by a roaring crowd of supporters, gleefully ran down highlights from Wednesday's debate. He shouted out the ratings spike while mocking Bloomberg and Klobuchar, saying they "chocked."

"It got very big ratings, and you know what? Mini Mike didn't do well last night," Trump said during Thursday's Colorado rally. "I was going to send him a note saying, 'it's not easy doing what I do, is it?'"

He then turned to the Minnesota senator saying: "How about Klobuchar. Did you see her? She choked," Trump said while pretending to choke as the crowd laughed. "She couldn't breathe."

Trump then gave his review of the recent Academy Awards, taking aim at "Parasite," Bong Joon-Ho's best picture winning film about income inequality and climate change. He questioned why "a movie from South Korea" won and not something like "Gone With The Wind." He also called best supporting actor winner Brad Pitt a "little wise guy."

At one point Trump launched into a lengthy, meandering, rebuke of RealClearPolitics associate editor A.B. Stoddard's recent FOX News appearance where she compare Bloomberg's poor debate showing to Trump in 2016—which prompted the president to call Assistant to the President Dan Scavino from the stage to bring him printed out polls to show the crowd how he won all the 2016 debates (most of the polls he ran down were from conservative outlets like Drudge or Breitbart).

And as he did Wednesday night in Arizona with Sen. Martha McSally, Trump gave a big shoutout to vulnerable Republican Colorado Sen. Corey Gardner, who the president praised for not shaking amid impeachment.

In Phoenix on Wednesday, Trump made a big show of praising McSally, who also voted to acquit the president, introducing the senator to the crowd as "a tremendous person, a great fighter pilot, a lot of people don't know that she's a great fighter pilot and a warrior Senate."

"She helped us so much during the impeachment hoax, she didn't wobble one bit," Trump added.

The president also spoke briefly about his upcoming trip to India and lamented that he'd "never be satisfied with the crowd if we have 10 million people in India."

Trump's Thursday night event at the Broadmoor World Arena is the second of his three campaign rallies in three separate states on three consecutive days. The West Coast swing is the biggest investment yet that the president has made in a week for his re-election.