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Ginni Thomas emailed Arizona lawmakers pushing to overturn 2020 election results, records show
By Ali Dukakis and Will Steakin
May 20, 2022 Story from US Ali Dukakis, Will Steakin , ABC News
Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed martial law to keep Trump in power, text messages show
By Katherine Faulders and Will Steakin
April 26, 2022 Story from US Katherine Faulders, Will Steakin , ABC News
Gaetz campaign paying former Epstein lawyer amid sex trafficking investigation
By Will Steakin and Soo Rin Kim
July 16, 2021 Story from US Will Steakin, Soo Rin Kim , ABC News
Trump's fundraising extends massive $122 million war chest
By Soo Rin Kim and Will Steakin
February 1, 2022 Story from Politics Soo Rin Kim, Will Steakin , ABC News
Trump says he's filing class action lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and Google
By Will Steakin, Katherine Faulders and John Santucci
July 7, 2021 Story from Politics Will Steakin, Katherine Faulders, John Santucci , ABC News
Rep. Gaetz's ex-girlfriend spotted entering Florida courthouse where grand jury is meeting
By Will Steakin
January 13, 2022 Story from US Will Steakin , ABC News
Trump shuts down short-lived blog section of his website
By Will Steakin
June 2, 2021 Story from Politics Will Steakin , ABC News
DOJ adds 2 top prosecutors to Matt Gaetz investigation, sources say
By Will Steakin and Alexander Mallin
October 22, 2021 Story from US Will Steakin, Alexander Mallin , ABC News
Judge agrees to delay sentencing of former Gaetz associate as cooperation continues
By Will Steakin and John Santucci
October 18, 2021 Story from US Will Steakin, John Santucci , ABC News
McConnell sought to disinvite Trump from Biden inauguration, triggering his final tweet, new book says
By Will Steakin
November 15, 2021 Story from US Will Steakin , ABC News
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