Trump set to hold campaign rally in Florida today

The event comes nearly four years before the next presidential election.

The event, which is listed on Trump’s campaign website, will take place at a hangar at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, the site of a previous Trump campaign rally in September.

President Trump, who has touted his election victory almost habitually since taking office, predicted “massive” crowds at what will be his first campaign rally since becoming president.

“In fact, I'll be in Melbourne, Florida, at 5 'clock on Saturday. And I heard, just heard that the crowds are massive that want to be there,” the president said Thursday at a press conference.

Trump wrote that his filing, “does not constitute a formal announcement.” But as a result, he is able to collect donations.

President Barack Obama didn't file his re-election paperwork until April 2011, 19 months before the 2012 presidential election; President George W. Bush didn't file until May 2003, 18 months before the 2004 election.