Trump told French first lady, 'You're in such good shape'

The U.S. president is visiting Paris for Bastille Day.

ByABC News
July 13, 2017, 3:01 PM

— -- President Donald Trump today complimented the French first lady's physical appearance during a tour of the historic Parisian site Les Invalides.

"You know, you're in such good shape," President Trump said to Brigitte Macron in a video the French government posted to its official Facebook page.

The moment came as Trump, first lady Melania Trump, President Emmanuel Macron and first lady Brigitte Macron, 64, ended their tour of the Les Invalides, where Napoleon is buried.

"Isn't she in such good shape?" Trump, 71, said to President Macron, before adding of Madam Macron, "Beautiful."

The Associated Press was the first to note this exchange.

The U.S. president and the French first lady had their own handshake moment earlier.

When the Trumps first arrived at the Les Invalides, Trump and Brigitte Macron greeted one another with a kiss on each cheek. Trump then grabbed Macron's right hand, jerking it toward him, as she tried to step back.

Trump is in Paris to meet with Macron and to celebrate the French national holiday Bastille Day.

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