Trump wants 'to have it both ways' on gun control: Democratic senator

Senator said he thinks Trump's position will "continue to bob and weave."

Stephanopoulos asked about a meeting that Murphy was at with Trump on Wednesday where the president seemed to support Democratic gun-control proposals. The next day, Trump met with the NRA.

"Well, listen, the president has the potential to move mountains here," Murphy said to Stephanopoulos. "The fact of the matter is, his instincts in that meeting are not wrong.”

“If he and the Republicans don't start showing some movement in the wake of Parkland [high school shooting], there aren't going to be as many Republicans around for him come 2019,” the Democratic senator continued. “And for his entire agenda and perhaps for his political salvation, that's not good news for him."

"Republicans have been so tied to the NRA over the years that unless he tells them that they have to move, nothing is going to happen," the Connecticut lawmaker said. "And sort of like what happened on immigration, there's a meeting in which [Trump] suggests he's willing to do a deal and then he walks away from the table.

Asked by Stephanopoulos if he has any hope of the president coming back around to support gun control, Murphy said, "I have a feeling he's going to continue to bob and weave."

He added, “What I take confidence in, though, is that the movement that he showed in that meeting is reflective of what are at his foundation not terrible political instincts."