Uncommon Sense: Imported From Detroit

Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson delve into politics and pop culture.

— -- Here’s the deal. All around us, conversations about politics, pop culture and more are devolving into either pure entertainment or partisan vitriol.

We’d rather fill that space with a fun, fascinating and passionate take on the key events of American politics and culture. So the two of us are coming together to offer some uncommon sense of what is going on in America today.

We’re all about tackling serious topics, without taking ourselves too seriously. No questioning of each other's intent or intentions. This isn’t D vs. R, left vs. right, white vs. black, locs vs. no locs.

You get the point.

This will be an independent, objective, common sense attempt to discover the truth amidst all the noise and hyperbole with a healthy disrespect for the old ways.