White House imposes guest restrictions amid new coronavirus concerns

The new policies include checking where guests have traveled recently.

Some of the procedures are standard, including increased cleaning of high-traffic areas and educating staff on best hygiene practices and sick leave policies.

But less orthodox is a request that staff take into account Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel advisories before bringing guests into the White House complex and a procedure by which guests must disclose the countries they’ve visited in the last 30 days, a White House official confirms.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham issued a statement on the procedures being put in place.

“The White House Complex has, and will continue to reassess circumstances and adopt new processes and safe practices in line with evolving [federal agency] guidance to include: educating staff on hygiene best practices, existing sick day & telework policies, increased cleaning routines for high-traffic areas, and asking staff to be alert to the CDC & DoS’ (Department of State) current set of international health & travel advisories when scheduling meetings or travel, and inviting people onto the complex," she said.

"While we are taking every common-sense precaution necessary to protect federal employees, our policies and procedures remain in line with the President’s guidance to the country – and that is to continue to do everything we can to avoid disruptions to the day-to-day business of leading our Nation," Grisham said in her statement.