Wyoming State Results Election 2016

— -- Wyoming holds its Democratic caucus on April 9, 2016 and held its Republican convention on March 12, 2016. 18 delegates are at stake for the Democrats and 29 delegates for the Republicans. Wyoming Republicans allocate its delegates in two parts – 12 were already selected at county conventions in March, where Ted Cruz won 9 delegates. Another 17 will be allocated at the state’s state convention on April 16. The final three RNC member who serve as delegates will be completely unbound.

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Why The State Is Significant:

• The Equality State is unlikely to be seriously contested because voting records show it’s very conservative and only has three electoral votes.

• Wyoming has voted Republican in the last ten presidential elections.

Fast Facts:

• Then Governor of Texas, George W. Bush swept the Equality State in 2002 with a 68-28 percent win over Democratic presidential candidate, Al Gore, making it his best state win.

• In 2004, incumbent President George W. Bush nabbed a 69-29 percent win over former Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.