Kim Kardashian's Back; Supervolcanoes Threaten Everything

Kim Kardashian's Back!
PHOTO: Kim Kardashian shared this selfie of herself and friend Blac Chyna on Instagram, Jan. 4, 2014.
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian showed off what might be her most famous asset in a selfie recently posted to Instagram.

With their backs to the camera Kardashian, 33, and friend Blac Chyna took a snap.

New Thing to Worry About: Supervolcanoes
PHOTO: Castle Geyser erupts at Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., in this Oct. 2005 photo.
Robert Alexander/Archives Photo/Getty Images

A giant volcano, like the one under Yellowstone National Park, could erupt without warning, destroying whole civilizations in a matter of moments, according to research by a team of European scientists.

Scientists previously believed that so-called "supervolcanoes" would erupt only after an earthquake, but new research suggests the volcanoes, hundreds of times more powerful than conventional volcanoes, could erupt at any moment.

CES Spotlights Wearable Tech

The International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off today in Las Vegas, with many watchers betting that wearable gadgets will be the rage this year.

Google is already experimenting with Google Glass, Apple is rumored to be releasing a wristwatch soon, and several other companies are introducing devices which promise to be smaller and more portable than the tiny smart phone already in your pocket.

N.Y. to Legalize Medical Marijuana

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will announce this week plans to legalize pot for medicinal use.

First reported by the New York Times, Cuomo will legalize dispensaries through executive fiat and not by legislative action. New York will become the 21st state to legalize pot for medical purposes.

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