Born what? Nick Young almost gets misspelled tattoo; Iggy Azalea saves him

— -- Nick Young is a lot of things. He's a shooting guard who averaged 7.3 points per game for the Los Angeles Lakers this past season. He's a player who likes to celebrate, sometimes a bit too early. And, outside of basketball circles, he's the fiancé of rapper Iggy Azalea. And thanks to her, Young avoided what would've been a highly embarrassing tattoo blunder, because for all the things Nick Young is, a good speller he is not. We'll let Iggy tell the tale:

She's right, Young is definitely lucky she's around to catch mistakes like this. As for the misspelling of his own nickname in his Twitter handle ("Swaggy P" should have two g's), he gets a pass on that one: Twitter only supports handles up to 15 characters, and @NickSwaggyPYoung would be 16.