Brent Celek: Others 'afraid of change'

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PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles coach Chip Kelly might not care what the Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians or other coaches think of his offense. One of his players, veteran tight end Brent Celek, certainly does.

"It makes me mad that the coach for the other team talked trash and said, 'That's a college offense,'" Celek told after the Eagles' 24-21 victory over Arians' Cardinals on Sunday. "It bothers me that other coaches think of this offense as stupid. Calling it a college offense? That doesn't even make sense.

"We're running the same plays that a bunch of different NFL teams are running. We just do it quickly, and with different, more streamlined terminology. How is that a college offense? Come on, man. People are just afraid of change."

In a conference call with Philadelphia media last week, Arians said the read-option was a "great college offense" that exposed quarterbacks to too many hits at the NFL level. Kelly responded by pointing out that the read-option, or zone-read, is a play, not a system.

"I don't care what other people think," Kelly said.

Celek's defense of Kelly included a mild indictment of former Eagles coach Andy Reid, for whom Celek played the first six years of his career.

"We're in a world where everything around us is [driven by] constant innovation, in every industry," Celek told "Yet in football, for my first six years, it was the same stuff. To have somebody come along and run some of the same concepts but with different terminology that makes it easier to understand, it's tremendous. And we're just scratching the surface.

"Chip's a beast. Our tempo on offense is crazy. It's such a great scheme. And it scares people who don't want to change, but they don't see what we're doing. Talk to any coach on our staff, and they'll be doing this system for the rest of their lives -- because it makes sense. It's genius. Someone took the time to sit down and figure out a better way to do this. Why have nine or 10 words for a play? We have one or two or three."