Destination Romo: All the places Tony could go

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February 13, 2017, 9:31 AM

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The biggest question hanging over the NFL this offseason is the future of Tony Romo. With Dak Prescott locked in as the Cowboys' future at quarterback, if Tony wants to play, he'll need to be elsewhere. And Dallas has some incentive to move on.

Romo's current contract, which expires in 2019, makes him tough to trade, but also tough to keep. He is scheduled to make $14 million in 2017 and $40 million more over the final two seasons. Designating Romo as a post-June 1 release would grant the Cowboys some salary-cap relief, costing them only $10.7 million of their 2017 cap by allowing them to roll $8.9 million of Romo's dead money over into 2018. If the Cowboys release him before June 1, however, it would cost them $19.6 million in cap space in 2017 alone.

So where will Romo play this season? Here are the teams in play ... including the Cowboys.

Probability of being Romo's destination?

Long shot, but not impossible.

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