FIFA Investigation: What You Need to Know

Here's what you can expect from the Justice Department's 47-count indictment.

— -- U.S. authorities who unsealed indictments against members of FIFA, soccer's international governing body, announced today that it's "not the final chapter" of its far-reaching, global investigation.

Here's what you should know and can expect from the investigation:

What is FIFA?

In a statement posted on FIFA's website, the organization said it “welcomes actions that can help contribute to rooting out any wrongdoing in football.”

“We are pleased to see that the investigation is being energetically pursued for the good of football and believe that it will help reinforce measures that FIFA has already taken,” FIFA added.

Who has been charged?

Nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives were indicted today. That group includes two current FIFA vice presidents and the current and former presidents of CONCACAF, Jeffrey Webb and Jack Warner.

Which U.S. authorities are involved?

What’s the latest in the case?

Acting U.S. Attorney Kelly Currie for New York said in a statement: "Let me be clear: this indictment is not the final chapter in our investigation.”

Four individuals and two corporate defendants have pled guilty.

Will Sepp Blatter be arrested?

Joseph "Sepp" Blatter, the eighth president of FIFA who has been in office since 1998, is not named in today's indictment. An election that will likely give Blatter his fifth term will take place in Zurich this Friday.

The election is scheduled to go on as planned.

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